Yeti Bubbles


A really fun bubble game with two addictive game modes


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Yeti Bubbles is a fun game based on Bubble Bobble. So, if you like that type of addictive game, you're sure to like this one as well.

In case you've never played Bubble Bobble, Yeti Bubbles is a puzzle game where you have to clear sets of colored balls from the screen.

In the beginning, you can see lots of differently colored balls placed randomly over the board. You have to use your cannon to try to match three or more balls and clear them from the board.

Yeti Bubbles includes two game modes. The first one is a classic mode where the game board appears immobile but drops down slowly from time to time. In the second mode, the board descends constantly, making the game much more hectic and addictive. This arcade mode lets you shoot special balls that have more than one color, letting you clear multiple lines of balls at the same time.

Architecture: i386

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